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Most men prefer that they have an edge when they go out and about on the town to meet someone new. This is why pheromone sprays are enormously popular as they are considered an excellent means for men to gain an edge with women. While it is true a quality pheromone spray can certainly do this, it would not be accurate to assume such sprays are only for men wishing to meet women.


This Pheromone Spray is a relatively new arrival on the male attraction supplement market. As such, there is no consensus concerning how many hours it will last. That is not a good thing because if it was a highly reliable product, the duration of the spray would be well known. It would be helpful if the manufacturer were to actually list the duration of its advertising. The fact that the information is left out is a red flag. So, to err on the safe side, you should assume that it will last about two hours…which may or may not be enough for you.

• This is not a very expensive spray product which means it is well within the affordability of most consumers.

• Roughly 60 applications are available within a single bottle. That is a rather significantly high number.

• The scent of the spray is barely noticeable. Colognes that feature pheromones are commonly criticized for their distracting scents. This spray helps avoid such an annoying drawback.

• The most cited complaint about the product would be a lack of effectiveness. If the pheromone spray is not delivering on desired expectations, then the spray is of very little use or value.

• The prime ingredient 5-Alpha-Androst-16-En-3-One is alleged to be the most powerful of all pheromones. Such a claim is relatively dubious and speculative.

• Claims of being able to completely boost the user’s level of attractiveness are really not substantiated. Assertions of this nature are more akin to advertising boosts as opposed to scientific analysis of what the spray can actually do.

First Impressions

There are sprays that can help men attract other men. Sex Appeal Man2Man Gay Pheromone Spray claims that it can deliver in this regard. Unfortunately, making such a claim and actually being able to deliver on what the product promises are two completely different things.


There are not very many user reviews available for Sex Appeal Man2Man Gay Pheromone Spray. That, in and of itself, is not a good sign. A lack of available user reviews would indicate a decided lack of buzz or popularity. When a product truly does deliver on or exceed expectations, it will usually put forth a tremendous buzz from those consumers singing its praises.

Is It Worth It?

With not a terrible product per se, Sex Appeal Man2Man Gay Pheromone Spray is not exactly a stunning new release. While novel in concept, this is really not all that effective of a product. If the spray is not helping you meet someone new, then it does not much value to the consumer.

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