Sex Appeal Spray

If you want to attract a partner, there are lots of pheromone products that can help you do just that. One of these is something called Sex Appeal Spray. Sex Appeal Spray comes in different forms, one for a man-to-man attraction, and one for a man-to-woman attraction.


The manufacturer states that the formula is scientifically proven, although we couldn’t find any evidence of this. The ingredients are never fully disclosed, although they claim that these ingredients will help you increase sexual attraction and that they use the highest potency available

First Impressions

The company states that this Sex Appeal pheromone helps increase attractiveness and sex appeal, but they don’t say how long the effect should last. I did some tests and found that the scents wore off rather quickly. It comes in a small spray bottle, which is convenient since all you have to do is spray it on.


You can buy up to three bottles at a time, I decided to purchase just one, in the man to woman formulation. I was already doubtful of its effectiveness since the company doesn’t disclose any ingredients.

I was going out with friends later that night when the product arrived, so I wanted to test it that night. I’d been around many young and attractive women, so it was a perfect opportunity. I sprayed it on, as directed, although I’m not sure I improved things by doing that. When I got to my destination with my friends, I found lots of attractive women there, but they didn’t seem to be attracted to me. In fact, I did talk to a few of them, but they didn’t seem to be at all interested in me.

Is It Worth It?

More advanced formulas from competing manufacturers are now sold in scented and unscented formulas delivering greater performance for your money.

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