Swept Away to Attract Men

Sometimes meeting men isn’t as easy as it sounds, which means you may need a bit of help. Today there are pheromone products available that can give you the extra help that you need. Of course, not every product out there really makes a difference. In this article, I review Swept Away to Attract Men.


Swept Away to Attract Men is a pheromone product specially designed for women with a blend of four different pheromones in it. There is only a mild scent to this pheromone product, still allowing you to wear a nice perfume along with the product.

The product contains 15 mg of copulins as well as 5 mg of pheromones in the 0.25 fluid ounce bottle. The copulins and pheromones are supposed to make the product effective and the company guarantees that it will work for you. This product costs about $45 for once 0.25 fluid ounce bottle.

Staying Power

Although the length of time this product will last can vary, in most cases, Swept Away to Attract Men will last about 4-8 hours at a time. To make sure that it lasts as long as possible, it’s important that you use it as directed.

It is recommended that you use the dropper to apply a couple of drops to the fingers, then using your fingers to rub a bit of the oil on your neck, the spot behind your ears, or on the pulse points of your wrists.

First Impressions

I was headed out to a big party, one with plenty of single men, so I decided that this would be the perfect time to try out Swept Away to Attract Men to see how it really worked. The price wasn’t bad, and when it arrived, the light scent wasn’t bad either. It was light enough to allow me to wear my favorite perfume for the big night.

That night I went to the party, and I was so happy I decided to try out this pheromone product. It almost seemed I’d been transformed into a magnet. There were men asking me to dance, men starting up conversations with me, and I can’t count the number of drinks that were brought to me.

By the end of the night, I’d been asked out, given phone numbers, and more. I was definitely happy with my experience with Swept Away to Attract Men, which is why I’m definitely continuing to use this product.


The effectiveness of Swept Away to Attract Men is exceptional. There is definitely a reason the company is not afraid to guarantee this product – it really does work. You’ll find that the product lives up to its name, helping you sweep men away when they are near you.

Is It Worth It?

You’ll find that men react to you differently. The product even helps you feel more confident, which is definitely helpful as well.

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