The Edge

The Edge For Men is just one of the many pheromone products on the market. It is a spray that comes unscented or scented. Its primary ingredient Androstenone which is a human pheromone that the pheromone community says is essentially a related human pheromone.


All of the exact ingredients of The Edge have not been shared by the manufacturer but they guarantee a pheromone amount of 2.4 mg in each bottle. The pheromone smell is very unpleasant and using a good cover-up scent is a must, particularly when it comes to their unscented version.

Even the scented version (sandalwood) isn’t strong enough to cover the pheromone smell. The Edge For Men is said to work according to various online reviews, however, it only works relatively well if used correctly, following directions and watching the dosages.

First Impressions

Due to the fact that the Edge has a substantial about of Androstenone content, it is harder to figure out the perfect doses. They say you only need apply one spray of The Edge product and that has varied between users.


It has been reported to be very beneficial when worn while associating with females between the ages of 28 years and up.

On the other hand, it’s extremely high Androstenone content has been said to intimidate younger females between the ages of 18 and 25. Here’s where you’ll want to watch your dosage.

Is It Worth It?

The Edge for Men is said to be able to enhance attraction but remember, the smell mentioned above can get you the opposite results if you’re not careful.

It is said to smell like bad body order or urine. No one will be drawn to you if you exude those smells. This is the case with most pheromone sprays, scented or unscented. The jury isn’t in regarding whether or not these kinds of products work across the board. It has been said that 9 out of 9 females tested in studies were observed to respond quickly to The Edge, particularly with women 28 and over.

Rating: 3.6/5. From 42 votes.
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