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Chikara¬†unscented is the eagerly awaited addition to the Chikara line of pheromone sprays. It contains no less than 7 distinct pheromones and some people have claimed it to be the best pheromone spray they have ever used. So, what are we waiting for let’s have an in-depth look at this pheromone spray and see if it can stand up to the already high expectations we have of it.

Chikara Unscented is a state of the art male pheromone product. It is made up of a revolutionary and exclusive formulation of the top 3 pheromones that are used in the majority of the best selling pheromone products and solutions on the market. They then add 4 new innovative pheromones never before seen in pheromone colognes to push theirs to the next level of efficiency.

It enables you to be desirable as well as approachable, not to mention doesn’t result in other men wanting to fight you or cause women to be frightened of you. A truly awesome balance of pheromone magic.


This proprietary blend of 7 pheromones solution is what makes Chikara Cologne the shining star in its market. Its perfect blend of proprietary ingredients gives men the ability to attract in a big way without giving off an overly aggressive vibe.

One of the most effective ingredients in Chikara Unscented cologne is Androstenone which creates an alpha male aura. It is considered a highly efficient pheromone which creates strong feelings along.

It has also been said to increase the level of respect that you receive from other men.


The effectiveness of the Androstenone in Chikara cologne is increased because their formula balances everything out with the other pheromones included.


The second main ingredient in Chikara cologne is Androstenol, which is the “Friendly Vibe” pheromone and has also been referred to as the “Ice Breaker”. Its job is to balance out the aggressiveness of Androstenone. It presents a feeling of health, vitality as well as approachability.

You’ll notice that when wearing it men and women alike will be friendlier to you.


Number three on the list of ingredients is Androsterone which as two unique effects. It improves the performance of the different pheromones in the cologne and also exudes an extremely manly vibe. It does improve respect while creating the masculine vibration. These three very important pheromones work together to make you even more approachable and attractive to the ladies.

First Impressions

Also, when using Chikara Unscented, you’ll want to spray it on then let it dry for approximately 15 minutes. You’ll then need to use some of your own cologne because pheromones have a unique smell that may not be popular with some individuals.


Aside from all the marketing content about Chikara Unscented, one of the things that really stands out is that it consistently receives stellar reviews to the tune of, for the most part, ratings of 4 to 5 stars.

Keep in mind that when you wear any product containing Androstenone you’ll want to start with a small amount and work your way up to receive the best results. Too much Androstenone can put people off because of the intense feeling they feel towards you.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re in the market for a pheromone product, Chikara Unscented is a great choice. As mentioned above, it tends to consistently receive great reviews with users reporting amazing results including intense flirtation and enjoyable aggression from women.

Official Site: Love-Scent.com

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