Unscented Liquid Trust

Attraction continues to be considered one of life’s greatest mysteries. We often say we are attracted to partners that are thin or tall, great cooks or in great physical condition but in the end, studies are showing that pheromones, as well as smells, are what are causing the attractions. If you want to finally be the cause of this amazing chemistry, electricity as well as that magical “spark” and energy, you’ll want to consider a pheromone product.


Liquid Trust is a well-known pheromone solution that’s said to increase elevated feelings of trust between men and women of all ages. Liquid Trust is the first pheromone body spray that enhances trust in the wearer. It has been advertised as what is called a social pheromone product creating feelings of trust and dominance in women nevertheless, it also is said to increase it’s wearer’s appeal.

One of the main ingredients in it is Oxytocin which is a natural hormone found in a human being’s that is said to have an effect on interpersonal ties, as well as disposition. In addition to the Oxytocin, Liquid Trust includes both androsterone and androstenone which are extremely powerful pheromones. The Androstenone pheromone radiates the alpha male vibration while the androsterone pheromone gives off the sensation of dependability, safety as well as dominance.

First Impressions

It has been proven that people feel much more secure with someone they feel they can trust. This trust will inevitably increase the chance of receiving and enjoying a fantastic experience. Always keep in mind that if you don’t have trust you don’t have anything.

Whether you’re trying to get the girl of your dreams or nail that much sought after a job interview, Liquid Trust is said to be a step in the right direction. Can you imagine how much more successful your life would be in many ways if more people who crossed your path automatically trusted you?


With Liquid Trust, you may have this ability right in the palm of your hands in just 3 to 4 sprays from the bottle. Once you’ve applied it you can count on it working for around 4 to 6 hours and should start experiencing the extraordinary and exciting results in just seconds. You don’t even need mad flirting skills to get what you want.

Most females will just be automatically drawn to you. You’ll notice you’ll be the recipient of more flirting then you’ve ever received before including lots of smiling and intimate eye contact.

When you apply Liquid Trust Unscented you’ll also want to wear your favorite cologne. Most, particularly powerful pheromones, have a natural odor that isn’t pleasant but can easily be covered up with a nice cologne. You’ll also want to start off slow in the beginning because it is so powerful. If you overdo it, you could in some cases cause women to hesitate instead of freely moving forward with you because of the dominant vibes you put off.

Is It Worth It?

Liquid Trust Unscented comes in a 1/4 ounce bottle which will last you quite awhile. It has received a lot of positive reviews from real-time users. Less effective at increasing attraction, it is geared towards those who want to increase attention and social interaction.

Official Site: Love-Scent.com

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