What Attracts Women To Men

What Attracts Women To Men
by Terrence Michaels

Knowing what attracts women to men is a vital tool for attaining the woman of your dreams. Just because you’re not the best-looking nor the richest guy doesn’t mean that you’re not attractive in the eyes of other women. The truth is, the guy who always seems to have a woman on his arms isn’t simply what most consider to be “lucky”. It’s because he understands what women want, as well as the very basics of attraction.

A Man Who Is Sure of Himself

We’ve all seen guys who seem “cocky” and “overconfident”. Those same guys always seem to have women flocking their way. Why? Because they are very sure of themselves. Being sure of yourself doesn’t necessarily make you “cocky”. The fact is that guys are jealous of men who are sure of themselves because they seem to have it all, and in many ways, they do. If you want a woman, find your direction in life first and be certain of what it is you want. After you’ve accomplished this very simple task of realizing your true desires, you’ll begin attracting not only women in general, but the right kind of women.

A Man Who Isn’t Afraid to Be Himself

Have you ever met a guy who seemed “fake” or as if he was trying too hard. This is the guy who uses cheesy pick-up lines, tries to dress like his best friend, and uses tactics that are not his own. The real way to pick up women is to simply be yourself. If you’re naturally a clown, try to tone it down a bit. Don’t come across as insecure, but simply “real”. Much of knowing how to be yourself around women is a result of knowing who you really are.


Men with style are attractive to women. What kind of style? Any style. The key to attracting women is to know your own personal style. If you don’t have one, start feeling your way around and find something that is uniquely you and only you. Don’t try to be like anyone else. Remember the key is to attract women that will accept you for who you are.

A Man With a Job

You don’t have to be rich, but having a job or at least some sort of aim in life is attractive. It’s also a clear indication that you’re fairly stable. Grown women do not want men who are in their mid-twenties who are still living with their parents. If you haven’t done so, get a college education, a certificate in something, or at least a decent job and only then will you become more attractive.


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