What Men Find Attractive

What Men Find Attractive
by Terrence Michaels

There are a lot more things about women than just their body that men find attractive. Women usually are not aware of this initially, but their personality does count. Guys want a woman who is friendly, upbeat, and loving. Of course, looks do count – but not as much.

Confidence – The single most important trait to possess when looking to attract men is confidence. When you’re confident about yourself, you’ll make him feel confident about himself. In turn, he’ll feel relaxed and more open around you, making it easier for him to ask you out on a date, express his feelings, and communicate with you.

Sense of Humor – Men love a woman who isn’t afraid to laugh and smile. The reason for this is because it helps to lighten the mood and also suggests that you’re playful. As you may be well-aware, most guys have a hard time sustaining a serious tone. Most of them are “goofballs” at heart, and are usually on the search for someone who will entertain them with their laughter, creating buoyant and loving feelings.

Body – Obviously, your body structure counts. The good news is that there are men who are attracted to all body types, and then there are those who only prefer women who are extremely slender, as well as men who prefer a woman with curves and excess weight. No matter your size, there is a guy out there that prefers your body type, but remember, it’s not all about looks.

Voice – A woman’s voice will attract a man to her. Fortunately, you don’t have to have the most feminine voice to win men over. Different men are attracted to different things. Some men prefer women with husky voices, while others want a woman with a softer, more feminine tone.

Femininity – The majority of men prefer a “girly-girl”. Wearing dresses, make-up, high-heels, and taking good care of yourself is one thing that men find irresistible. Men love a woman who isn’t afraid to take full embrace of her true femininity, so don’t be afraid to embrace what you really are.

Independence – Women who are independent are man-magnets. Men love to feel needed, but too much needy-behavior is a turn-off. Women who are unable to do for themselves are often viewed as lazy and “gold-diggers”. If you’ve got your own job, car, house, chances are you’ll meet a man who has the same and recognizes you for your achievements.

Nurturing Behavior – Displaying nurturing behavior is very different from trying to be his mom. Men don’t need another mother, especially when it comes to their mate. Men want a woman who will comfort him in need, tell him that everything is going to be okay, and be there for him. However, it is important not to be too compassionate, as some men will take advantage of your kindness and literally run all over you.

Mentally Balanced – You’ve probably heard of men referring to their ex-girlfriend’s as “psycho’s”. This is not the way you want to appear to a man. Although you may have a lot on your plate and are loaded with estrogen, don’t let it show. Men want a strong woman who knows how to handle everything that is going on in her life in addition to her naturally feminine and sometimes out-of-control emotions.

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