What Women Find Attractive

If you think you know what beautiful women are looking for in a man, throw away all those pre-conceived notions. You may be surprised at would gorgeous women are really looking for in a guy today. If you’re wondering what women really want, here is a look at the top traits that beautiful women really are looking for when they want a man.

High Level of Intelligence

Beautiful women really want a guy that is highly intelligent. However, you have to avoid being pompous or geeky with women when you display intelligence. It’s important to show intelligence in a way that is interesting to a woman while being humble. You can really surprise a beautiful woman with your smarts if you show it off in a cool way. Just be careful, since some attractive women tend to find intelligent men a bit intimidating.


First, realize that this doesn’t mean you need to hang on a woman. Attentiveness is about showing a woman that you’re thinking about her. Make sure you pay attention to the details as well. Women wear beautiful clothing and get their hair done for a reason. If you notice, she’ll be impressed with that.


While this may seem obvious, many men don’t realize how important this is. It doesn’t mean you have to be a “prince charming”.¬† However, romance can be powerful when it comes to creating that attraction for women. It’s important that you come across as a romantic man who can connect on an emotional level with a woman. Use your imagination with a woman. Come up with comments that are poetic or interesting stories and you’ll definitely sweep her off her feet.


You may be surprised to find out that beautiful women look for dominance in men as well. This is actually a primal instinct in a woman since dominant males are the ones that usually get the most desirable females. Women who are beautiful know what they want, so they go after a more dominant man. This doesn’t mean being overly aggressive, making her feel uncomfortable, or going over her boundaries. Beautiful women like a dominance that sets goals and then passionately goes after them – it turns them on.

Great Sense of Humor

One of the top traits of every beautiful woman’s list happens to be a great sense of humor. As long as you keep a woman laughing, you shouldn’t have a problem. Women are drawn to men that make them laugh, but it’s difficult for many men to understand. This doesn’t mean you need to act arrogant or crack a joke every two minutes. Instead, you should combine confidence with a great sense of humor and you’ll have her.


Women don’t want a man who is a buzz-kill. She wants someone who is fun and adventurous. The sense of fun and adventure is enticing and intriguing to women and will draw them in quickly. Women love men who show them a good time. Every beautiful woman loves having a good time. If you can show her that you’re fun to be around, you should have no trouble attracting her at all.

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