Athena 10X Pheromones For Men

In this article, I review the Athena Institute brand of pheromones. Pheromone perfumes present a new road into the vast world of scent. Dr. Winnifred Cutler is the scientist who co-discovered human pheromones in 1986, and she developed Athena Pheromones in 1993 and 1995.

The Athena Pheromone 10X comes with a rather small bottle of this ‘pheromone concentrate’. It’s quite easily mixed and added into nearly any normal cologne.  The purpose is to “supercharge” the normal cologne and thus turn it into a pheromone cologne. I must admit that I was not thrilled about the prospect of spending a mere $99.50 on this Athena Pheromone Additive.

However, curiosity simply got the best of me on this one. Keep in mind, the Athena Pheromone has been around for quite some time. It hit the market back around the mid to late 1990′s, but yet information regarding its performance is hard to find for some odd reason.

Synthetic Human Pheromones

Dr. Cutler says it contains “synthesized human male pheromones that are a chemical copy of the natural pheromones produced by the body of a sexually-active male in his mid-twenties.” Athena for Men is a product that has been in production for 15 years.

Dr. Winnifred B. Cutler actually developed this product in 1995 and it is sold worldwide. According to Dr. Cutler, her products are synthesized from human pheromones and formulated to increase attraction and intimacy from the opposite sex.

Duration can be subjective and vary per individual. In cases where there is heavy smoking or a lot of sweating, this product may not last as long due to breakdown and masking of pheromones. It’s best applied to pulse points like the neck and wrist. Dr. Cutler has been featured on television shows, such as on ABC’s 20/20 news program.

About The Athena Institute

The Athena Institute offers an odorless pheromone additive for both men and women. Athena Pheromones 10x is an alcohol-based trade secret formula. It’s intended to be mixed with 2-3 ounces of one’s favorite fragrance.

What is in the Athena Pheromone?

The truth be told we really have no idea what is inside the Athena Pheromone 10X for Men, the pheromone compounds and proportions are a tightly guarded secret of Athena, we must simply take their word for it that it does contain actual human pheromones, as these folks are more tight-lipped about the ingredients than most other pheromone cologne companies out there.

Anyhow, after taking receipt of my nice new bottle of Athena Pheromone additive, I opted to mix it in with one of my favorite colognes, the Eternity for Men, just a personal preference, to each there own. I mixed and blended the Athena Pheromone per their instructions, and then prepared to put it through my now semi-standard initial 1-week field testing cycle.

My Test Results and Review

I began my field testing of Athena on a Monday morning, work! I walked in as normal after generously applying my Athena Pheromone spiked Eternity for Men, and prepared to observe whatever reactions would be forthcoming…Lets now skip ahead to Thursday of the same week, I am still going to work waiting to observe whatever reactions may come…Still nothing?

Well, now I’m getting a little concerned, rarely have I used a pheromone cologne for 4 straight days and not seen even one single reaction, not a good one, or even a bad reaction! I just wanted to observe something!

I got home Thursday night after 4 days of failed field tests and did some additional research on this so-called Athena Pheromone, wanting to make sure I didn’t do “something” wrong? Scattered around the web I did find some curt comments concerning the Athena Pheromone from other users posted here and there years ago, such as;

“I got sucked in. This was one of the first pheromones I ever tried. I bought all the hype and really wanted it to work. A little later I discovered APC. It was a miracle compared to Athena 10X, and it’s considered little more than a cologne on this site. When I realized the product was a scam I tried to get my money back and got a big run-around instead.”

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Needless to say, I was a tad bit discouraged after finding that piece of information. However, I still had 3 more days of field testing left so I decided to push on. This was even after reading the comments of another previous Athena Pheromone user who suggested the following.


“The Athena insert says “Some men report observing its effects after three days while others report results after 4-6 weeks of use. ” Like I said before, maybe my age had something to do with it ‘s taking four weeks to show effects…”

Now I’m not too optimistic, I’m thinking I’ve already been testing this stuff for 4 days and have seen no results, but now Athena claims some guys see no results for 4-6 weeks! Damn, I should have read the insert first! My second thought was of course, “how could that even be?”

A true pheromone cologne or additive that takes 4-6 weeks to actually kick in? I’ve personally seen the Scent of Eros for Men kick in within about 4-6 seconds, and I’ve seen other pheromone colognes easily take between 10-15 minutes before they induced blatantly obvious and in some cases embarrassing responses from women, but my God, 4-6 weeks! How is that even possible?

That’s not a rhetorical question folks. If someone can please explain to me how a “real” pheromone cologne can take 4-6 weeks of continued use before one sees results, please leave a comment, I’d LIKE TO KNOW MYSELF!

And then last but not least I read one gentleman’s comment regarding the Athena Pheromone that really made my heart drop when he quipped; “I used Athena for about 4 months and then just threw the bottle away. Didn’t do a thing for me.”

About Dr. Cutler’s Research

While I don’t agree that Athena pheromones work, Dr. Winnifred Cutler has done groundbreaking research in regards to pheromones and their effects.  She has found that 76% of men using pheromone products get more romantic attention from women.  This is very significant.

So what does this mean to you and whether or not you should buy pheromones?  The 1st thing you should take from this is that pheromones do indeed affect behavior.  They influence how people view you, mainly in regards to attraction.  They give you a definite edge in social situations, and the evidence points to the fact that they work.


Yes, well right about this time I’m basically kissing the $99.50 goodbye, but I decided to at least continue the last three days of field testing with the Athena Pheromone. Of course, with my luck what do I have to report, the same as the first 4 days of testing, Friday at work yielded no responses, with the same finding while out socially on Friday and Saturday night, just plain nothing?

At this point, I simply threw the stuff away…Done! If I am personally going to spend $99.50 for a pheromone cologne, or pheromone additive, no one better dare tell me that I must wait 4-6 weeks or 4-6 months before I start seeing any pheromonal induced results from the opposite sex! I see no point in wasting time with a pheromone product that performs this weakly, not when others can do in seconds what the Athena Pheromone apparently can’t do in a full week!

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