Mens Pheromones

True Pheromones

True Pheromones is made from a combination of pheromones to increase sexual attraction. We put it to the test to see if it really worked. Pros Easy To Use Can be used with your favorite […]


Pherazone Review

Increase Attraction, Get More Attention, and Rekindle Your Relationship with Pherazone… Pherazone, is the most powerful pheromone formula on the market we have tested with up to 15x more pheromones than leading brands.  It contains […]

Tips and Advice

How To Approach Women

Many men find it difficult to figure out how to approach women for the best results. In fact, when faced with having to approach a woman, even the most intelligent and courageous men have a […]


How To Buy Pheromones

Start looking for pheromone products and you’ll quickly find that there are hundreds of products to choose from. How can you decide which product is the right one for you? How do you know which […]


Pheromone FAQ

For some time, scientists and researchers have known about the vomeronasal organ, known as the VNO, that has the function of detecting pheromones. This small organ has direct nerve pathways that go to the brain’s […]


What Women Find Attractive

If you think you know what beautiful women are looking for in a man, throw away all those pre-conceived notions. You may be surprised at would gorgeous women are really looking for in a guy […]


Max Attraction Silk

Max Attraction Silk is a pheromone perfume for women available from Luv Essentials. It happens to be one of the strongest pheromone products available for women today, boasting 18mg of pheromones in each bottle. Silk […]