Impi Original Pheromone cologne is made in South Africa and means warrior.


 LaCroy Chemical is the maker of Impi and located in South Africa. They state that the unique aroma of Impi comes from a pre-historic herbal formula from Africa that has been used by the male species to increase attraction.

Impi has an all-new formula of pheromones that contains at least one new pheromone never before used in any cologne to date. The scent in Impi lasts as long as the more expensively priced pheromones, however, the pheromone substance itself does not last quite as long.

First Impressions

Impi comes in a one-ounce spray bottle and has a good balance of pheromones. One nice thing about Impi is that you can choose which scent you prefer from four different options that are color-coded. First, there is the blue dot variation, which is their regular scent of classic musk. It also comes in a silver dot formula with just a hint of vanilla, a yellow dot formula with just a hint of citrus and a red dot formula with just a hint of cinnamon.


Read what one very satisfied customer has written.  Repeat after me… Impi rocks! Impi rocks! Impi rocks! Seriously, though this is a great standalone product that you can easily use a cover scent with. I’ve had my bottle for 3 days, and have used Green Irish Tweed and Safari to cover it nicely. I’ve also used it as a standalone and it works great.

The people around me got almost giddy and women seemed to have no problem getting getting noticed. Customer for life. “-Mark.

Is It Worth It?

LaCroy Chemical has produced various pheromone scents such as Love Scent and a couple of top-sellers including The Edge and New Pheromone Additive and rumor has it that Impi is by far their most courageous project which has taken years to perfect. If you want a nice smelling pheromone and are quite possibly on a budget, Impi may just be what you are looking for.

The price is better due to the fact that the pheromones do not last quite as long as the higher end ones do, but you should expect to see results within 3-4 hours. Remember it is you and the pheromones together that will be working to get those results you want. Confidence is known to be effective and quite possibly with Impi and your newfound confidence, the results will be very good.

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