Alpha A314

Alpha A314 is a scented cologne distributed by Androtics Direct.


The scent is not that is known for being overly strong or being overpowering.

This is a pheromones supplement/cologne that helps create an aura of masculinity.

It has a formula that is highly tailored for businessmen and professionals working on making sure that they are trusted by crowds and respected in their positions.

This formula is meant to make people respect you more and treat you with more authority; that is all.


There are three pheromones present in the mix:

  • Androstenone
  • Androstenol
  • Androsterone

First Impressions

Alpha A314 is a moderately long-lasting pheromone. 2 or 4 drops is sufficient. You do not want to overdo it. Using too much won’t enhance the power of the cologne. Also, using too much could make the scent of the cologne overpowering.

A314 has a slight scent and is oil-based. It comes in a 15ml cobalt blue dropper top bottle. My experience with this product is nothing short of extraordinary.

PROS: Boosts authority status.

CONS: Concentration unknown.

*It’s important to note that results do vary on an individual basis.


Price: $99.99
Concentration: Unknown
Return Policy: 30 Days
Application: Authority. Business. Trust
Visit Official Site: Androtics Direct


As the name suggests, Alpha A314 will project an Alpha male, dominating aura. Most girls seem to like it. Women may give you more attention, strike up conversations and flirt with you.

Generally the older you are, the more drops you’ll need to give yourself a youthful image. Keep experimenting with different amounts the find the optimal level for you.

How It Compares


Because of its versatility, more products have been released recently that make use of AndrosteNOL as a human pheromone ingredient. Personally, given my needs, AndrosteNOL is one of my favorite pheromones. If you have somewhat of an overbearing or argumentative personality, AndrosteNOL can bring peers into a more peaceful state of mind when they are near you. Another hidden benefit is that the user himself (or herself) is also pulled into that same state of mind.

Pheromone colognes containing AndrosteNOL are proven to be very effective at getting those around you into a more relaxed, positive attitude. It will also give you a friendly approachable image and can make older men appear a lot younger. This makes it one of the very best to use in business situations or when you are looking to meet someone new. They won’t be attracted to the pheromones as much, technically, which makes the attraction itself more real in whatever future relationship you might have with them. Because of these characteristics, I highly recommend AndrosteNOL to human pheromone newbies.

Finally, Androstenol pheromones are hard to overdose, but too much of any scent will give people a headache, so I’d recommend building up the dosage to experiment with what works well for yourself. I find that one or two sprays/wipes of an AndrosteNOL pheromones product have only positive effects on time spent with others. If I use more than that I run the risk of people noticing and/or choking.


Alpha A314 is a solid pheromone cologne and one that can deliver excellent results to those that use it. Success, when out and about on the town, can sometimes prove elusive.

That is why it is wise to always maintain some sort of an edge. Alpha A314 might very well provide that elusive edge and do so in a highly effective manner.


Price: $99.99
Concentration: Unknown
Return Policy: 30 Days
Application: Authority. Business. Trust
Visit Official Site: Androtics Direct

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