Max Attraction Gold

While many companies make big claims regarding their products, not every product really lives up to the claims. Luvessentials is one of the companies that deliver on their promise. In fact, you may already hear a whole lot about it.


Max Attraction happens is a powerful pheromone cologne which includes 17.8 mg of optimized pheromones per bottle. This means that you only need to use a couple squirts to get amazing results. The company claims that wearing Max Attraction will increase smiles, eye contact, and flirting. You’ll find that three different pheromones are included in Max Attraction.

This includes Androsterone, Androstenone, and Androstenol. These are the three very proven pheromones used in the leading formulas on the market and can provide better results.


41kfCOGk6sL._SX355_Since there is such a high concentration of pheromones in this product it works quickly – usually within minutes. In fact, some customers have reported that it may be too powerful for some. The lasting effects of this product can vary depending on the situation and body chemistry of the person wearing it.

First Impressions

Before deciding whether Max Attraction is right for you, it’s a good idea to look at the pros and cons. The best thing about Max Attraction Gold is the high pheromone potency. It is about 3x as strong as most of the other similar products on the market today – second only to Pherazone.

It also works with all kinds of women and is supposed to work especially well on younger women. Unfortunately, Max Attraction offers slightly fewer pheromones per dollar than Pherazone and is not available in retail stores.


When I decided to try out Max Attraction myself, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

The smell was one of the main things that I really enjoyed.  I would describe it as fresh and clean (much better than many of the pheromone colognes out there today ). It is similar to a high-quality aftershave yet light and non-obtrusive. Whenever I wore the product, women commented me on the great smell.

Both at the club and at work, I found that Max Attraction did a great job of getting me noticed. It’s a great excuse for women to make conversation with you. Girls loved the smell and each time I put on this pheromone cologne.


Max Attraction has been sold online since 2008 and has received critical praise from the pheromone user community. They offer powerful pheromone blends with excellent smelling fragrance ( a sweet yet inviting spicy smell) for both men and women. We were not disappointed with the results of their flagship, Max Attraction Gold.

Slightly less concentrated than Pherazone, Max Attraction is a great pheromone to consider if you want something powerful and different than the rest. Many people end up buying both due to their unique and superior effects.

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