Mystery Boy Pheromones

If you want to add more spice to your life you should consider trying one of the unique gay pheromone sprays that are on the market today. They are the perfect tool to use if you want to improve your dating life and get better results or simply want to recapture the spark you had at the beginning of your relationship with a current partner.


Mystery Boy for gay men claims to help you get more affection from your current partner or instantly draw future boyfriends to you the minute you step into view. They say that with their product males will receive far more passion, interest, as well as a strong intensive experience that they never forget and will want to repeat over and over again.

It’s supposed to to be the very first advanced pheromone combination that was designed specifically for the energetic, lively gay lifestyle. It is said to make men get excited and feel great when you walk into a room even going so far as to say that you’ll be sending them a sense of your vibrant presence.


Mystery Boy for gay men is said to be created using 11 different pheromones and a superior, fresh quality cologne that they state gives it the advantage because most pheromone sprays have an unpleasant scent. It is available in an unscented version which is ideal if you are particular about what you were. If you buy the unscented version, you can add your own cologne to cover up the usually unpleasant pheromone scent.

We weren’t able to find anything on the web regarding the lasting power of Mystery Boy’s cologne spray. Most pheromones spray last several hours once they are applied but we couldn’t find any specifics about Mystery boy for gay men.

First Impressions

  • Affordable
  • Comes with a 365-day complete satisfaction guarantee
  • Doesn’t tell you what the 11 pheromones are or any additional ingredients
  • Doesn’t say if there are any side effects
  • Can’t be sure if the reviews are for real. They’re so over the top they don’t ring true


The bottom line is that there are numerous pheromone cologne sprays on the market for gay men that are much more upfront when it comes to sharing information regarding their products. With Mystery boy pheromone spray, there just seems to be a lack of real evidence that it works the way they say it does and more detailed product info is absent. When shopping for the perfect pheromone spray for you, you might want to consider trying one that offers more detailed information about ingredients and side effects, staying power as well as offers a more diverse variety of actual user reviews.

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