Androstenone Pheromones

Pheromones are quite popular these days among those in dire need of acquiring an edge when it comes to getting noticed

Does Androstenone Pheromones deliver on what men want in their product? The short answer here would be no. This is not a product known to deliver the desired response which is why it needs to be avoided. For those curious about how it falters, here is a comprehensive look…


Androstenone is a natural steroid produced in the body. (This is why various other supplements featuring it were sold as muscle enhancement products) When released through sweating, it is supposed to be able to boost attraction. It is now harnessed in this oil based cologne that seeks to give off a faint smell intended to draw attention.

No, it will not work on its own but it can be considered a form of natural homeopathic icebreaker when meeting someone new.

Well, it would do this if it was truly effective and this product does not deliver on desired expectations. The scent simply is not strong enough to deliver much impact and the oily nature of the substance surely will put off some men that opt to apply it. In addition to being an ineffective scent, it is highly noticeable and not in a good way. At best, it can be described as an unpleasant odor.

First Impressions

Simply put, this is not an effective product. Applying it will not deliver any results which means consumers would be far better off seeking a much more reliable and less costly product. There is only one reason to buy a product such as Androstenone. You will want it to increase your success.

If it is not actually delivering on this goal then it is not worth buying. The foul smell makes even giving this product a try a bad idea.


The product claims to be effective for a duration of up to four to six hours. This is really not all that long in comparison to other brands. Also, such an assessment is somewhat misleading. If the product is decidedly ineffective then it really has no duration other than the scent. Considering the scent is a very poor one, most consumers will probably find the four to six-hour duration to be more of a net negative than a positive.

Is It Worth It?

Those that use this product will primarily note it is a highly lacking enhancement product. There will be some men that note to experience positive results but their numbers are dwarfed by those that refer to it as a weak product. Purchasing a product such as this is done for one reason alone: to boost success. Androstenone just does not help in that regard.

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