Phiero Premium

Sold worldwide, Phiero Premium is a pheromone cologne that is intended to help men increase their attractiveness.  This is not to say that pheromones have no value. In actuality, they can significantly boost your potential to be attractive to women. However, only a quality product can deliver such results and Phiero Premium definitely does not fall into the category of high quality. In fact, it is quite lacking on many levels.


Phiero Premium is a patented spray product that claims to combine three highly powerful pheromones into a reliable mix.

The manufacturers of this spray claim that it can potentially improve a man’s chances with women dramatically. Yet, can it really do this? In all honesty, this is a product that is not exactly known for its ability to deliver on expectations. Consumer reports show that some consumers have noted it did not work at all for them. As such, it can be considered a minimally effective product at best.

Minimally effective is certainly not want men would prefer in a costly pheromones product. Those that wish to see solid results would probably be best served looking elsewhere as Phiero Premium can best be described as….lacking.

First Impressions

Of the complaints that have been mentioned about this product, one of the most alarming would be the scent. Pheromones really should not have a noticeable scent. It has been reported that Phiero Premium not only has a very strong scent but that the sent is quite displeasing. Really, who would want to spray a product on them that made them smell bad?

The duration of a product such as this would be one of its most important attributes. You do not want to be in a position where you have to repeatedly spray yourself. Phiero Premium does claim that it can last longer than 8 hours….but the claim may not really be accurate. Tests have been reported to show that the effects wear off much quicker than 8 hours.

This could necessitate applying more applications which would burn through your supply. Needless to say, that can prove costly.


Reports of this being an ineffective product abound. When men purchase a pheromones supplement ( An oil, a spray, etc), they do so with the reasonable expectation the product will work. Phiero Premium might falter poorly in terms of effectiveness which can be considered a  negative for this product.

Is It Worth It?

For the cost, one should see huge results from a pheromones spray such as Phiero Premium. The product does not live up to expectations. Using the product does not deliver profound effects in terms of the potential to get noticed. As such, experiences with this product will be disappointing. Yes, results may vary from consumer to consumer, but seeing great results from this product should seriously be considered doubtful.

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