Passion Copulin Concentrate

Passion Copulin Concentrate

In this post, I will review Passion Copulin Concentrate. Many women are discovering that there is such a thing as a secret weapon to use when they are out and about in the world.  As part of the dating scene, every woman can do with a little help now and then, although there are some women who truly do not seem to need any help in this regard at all. For those that simply want to up their game and stand a better chance of attracting the opposite sex, there are products available on the market such as Passion Copulin Concentrate that claim they will make you much more attractive.


Passion Copulin Concentrate or PCC for short is a women’s pheromone that contains a large number of copulins. For those who do not already know, Copulins are pheromones that women naturally excrete when they are ovulating.  What this effectively does is make them more attractive to males who will then decide they want to mate with that woman. PCC is not the only product of its type on the market but the amount of Copulins in the different ones are not the same.


In PCC for example, the Copulin count is quite a bit lower, thereby reducing its efficacy.  Other pheromone products with higher dosages usually have a very potent odor that requires a lot of perfume to cover.  Because PCC contains a lower amount of Copulins the odor is not as noticeable.

First Impressions

There are various opinions regarding just how effective this particular pheromone product is.  While most women who have tried it do acknowledge that the men around them did respond, some more so than others, they also noticed that the effect did not last for very long.

When they upped the dosage many women report a higher level of response from men they encountered.  Because the product contains a lower level of Copulins it is milder than other pheromone products designed for women.  As a result, it is quite impossible to use too many thanks to the fact that the odor is not as potent as some of the other products.


For a woman who wants to attract men, it is fine to use pheromone products designed for that purpose.  Some are purely strong sexual attractants and Passion Copulin Concentrate falls into that same category.  If used in conjunction with another pheromone perfume it can be rather effective whereas on its own it is somewhat less so. A simple search online for customer reviews will soon answer all your questions regarding this product.

Of course, as with any product that is tested by a variety of people with a variety of circumstances and requirements, the reviews will be varied and this needs to be kept in mind.  With a little help from the world of science, a woman’s natural essence can be of great value.  Whether this product will keep your dance card full is a matter of opinion and one you might have to decide for yourself.

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